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If you are interested in joining the 95th Rifles Living History Society,
please e-mail our Recruitment Officer at
Join the 1/95th Rifles.




95th Rifles Living History Society is available for hire all year round.  Enliven your events with an exciting and interesting display of life with the 95th Rifles during the Napoleonic wars.  All demonstrations are performed by experienced and licensed re-enactors.  Our displays are as authentic to the period we re-enact as we can make it. 


We are a most versatile group of enthusiasts who spend many weekends throughout the year at events across the country entertaining the public, giving talks, supporting historic and corporate functions and generally providing that extra panache that makes the difference in a memorable event.


What can we do and what does it cost?


What we can do, depends entirely on what you need.  We are a very flexible organisation and can provide anything from talks by individual members of the group i.e. officers, ladies, soldiers or camp followers, guard of honour at weddings, through to a full days programme with group demonstrations and living history encampment, to an event with full regimental camp whether under canvas or garrisoning your own historic site.


What it costs, again depends entirely on what you want, but rest assured our prices are reasonable.  Our re-enactors are not paid, thus the hire charges represent our expenditure to set up and deliver.


We carry full insurance and as a condition of our insurance, we are very well trained, accredited and licensed.  You can be rest assured of a professional and safely delivered event that will be nothing short of memorable.  If you would like to find out more, please e-mail us at Hire the 1/95th Rifles

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