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1/95th Rifle - A Rifleman's Kit

Waist Belt, Ball Pouch and Sword Frog


The sturdy, black, leather belt was fastened at the front by a standard ‘s’ shape snake buckle with the sword frog mounted on the left and the ball pouch on the right.


The sword frog (top right picture) held the Sword Bayonet by slotting the nipple on its leather scabbard through the slot on the frog.


The ball pouch (below left centre), as its name implies, was designed to carry loose ball to allow a rifleman to load his weapon according to the shot he was about to take.  Which would be considered far more accurate than using the standard issue cartridge.


Each Rifleman would also carry a number of oiled linen patches, in the patch box of his rifle, in which to wrap the ball before loading to ensure that the ball was tightly packed into the barrel and thus used all of the explosive charge from the powder.


It is probable that like the Riflemen would also carry a musket tool, napping hammer (for the flint) and possibly a small screwdriver with which to maintain or repair their Baker rifle.


Other essential, rifle tools would be a brush and pick usually connected together by a length chain, cord or leather and attached, for convenience in action, to the front of the soldier’s tunic.



To the right, is an example of the 'type' of tools and spares a Rifleman may have carried, as described above.


A Rifleman's Kit

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