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1/95th Rifle - A Rifleman's Kit

In this section of our History pages, you'll find out more about the equipment, weaponry and accoutrements a Rifleman on campaign in Wellington's army would possess.


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Baker Rifle Shako Rifle Tools Canteen Cartridge Box & Powder Horn Bread Bag Trotter Pack Sword Bayonet Ball Pouch Waist Belt & Sword Frog Regimentals and Greatcoat Shoes and Gaiters A Rifleman's Kit


Recruits, on joining, will be provided with a list of suppliers for all the equipment.  Re-enacting has a relatively expensive outlay where the basic uniform, weaponry and equipment for a Rifleman is around 1000, rising to about 1500 when a tent and other ad hoc items are included.  However, nobody is expected to pay that much outright and usually items are purchased over a reasonable timescale.  A estimate of each item cost can be found at the foot of the linked pages.

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