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1/95th Rifle - A Rifleman's Kit



The haversack, (aka bread bag), was a simple white canvas satchel that was designed to carry one days rations.


The strap was fastened with a buckle, which was worn to the front, and allowed the length of the strap to be adjusted such that the top of the bread bag would lie adjacent to the bottom of the waist belt.


The haversack was worn under the waist belt to hold it in place, thus prevent it from bouncing around on the march.


Although upon issue the haversack was initially white, it very quickly became discoloured due to the rigors of daily life and the fact that the day’s meat ration would often be carried raw.


The daily food ration for one soldier was as follows:

  • 1 lb of meat (preferably beef as pork was thought to give the men gasses)

  • 1 lb of biscuit (or one and a half pounds of bread)

  • 1 quart of beer (or one pint of wine or 1/3 of a pint of spirit, normally rum).

Rations would often be supplemented by two ounces of rice, two ounces of cheese or fruit/vegetables that could be bought from the local economy.


It should also be noted that soldiers in Wellington's army were strictly forbidden to loot or steal upon pain of death.


A Rifleman's Kit


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