95th Rifles Living History Society Links

 62eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
Part of The Society


Riotous Assembly

Society members, Halstead based folk group sing about 1816 riots.


Fellow NA "B" Division Re-enactment  Regiment Links

Napoleonic Association
UK Napoleonic re-enactment groups

Redcoats & Greenjackets
Big Battalions Project


44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot

51st (2nd Yorkshire, West Riding) Light Infantry

Other 95th Re-enactment  Regiment Links

2nd Battalion
95th Rifles

3rd Battalion 95th Rifles (UK)

Other UK Re-enactment Organisations Links



Company E
1st Regiment of (Berdan's) US Sharpshooters

Our friends in Green from the American Civil War Re-enactors

33rd Regiment of Foot


Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry


Overseas Re-enactment Organisations Links

Napoleonic Association of Holland
Dutch Napoleonic re-enactment groups

Brigade Napoléon

Napoleonic era (1793-1815) re-enactment organization in North America

Grenadier Company, Tercio Montañeses of Buenos Ayres

Research and re-enactment group covering the 1806-7 "British Invasions"

2eme Regiment de Dragons

Our Belgium friends who re-enact in Green as this famous French cavalry regiment.

Re-Enactment Supplier Links



Natalie Garbett - Maker of Historical Clothing and Costumes

H W Morgan & Sons

Hand cleft ash tent pegs, finials, buttons, runners & mallets


Peter Dyson & Son Ltd

Gun specialists

Henry Krank & Co Ltd

Gun and sword specialists

Military Links

The Rifles

Website for
 The British Army's Elite Rifle Regiment

Royal Green Jackets Association

A Brief History of the Rifle Brigade

Compile by
 Major R.D. Cassidy MBE



Research Links

Wellington Papers
at the University of

Short Barrels & Long Bumpers

Wealth of information from Sue Law's personal 95th website.

The Peninsular War

Andrew C Jackson's comprehensive website.

British Battlefields

Information includes the Napoleonic Period

Battle of Orthez Research

27 February 1814
 (in French by Stephane Rozes)

The Napoleonic Guide

Good source for Napoleonic Information and goods

The Napoleon Series

Scholarly exploration of the Napoleonic Era


Monuments & Memorials of the Napoleonic Era

Dominique Timmermans' site

Sharpe Links

Sharpe Appreciation Society



John Tams

Official Website of Folk Singer John Tams (Rifleman Hagman in Sharpe)

Jason Salkey

Official Website of Rifleman Harris in Sharpe


Historical Links

Landguard Fort

Historical Suffolk Fort

Regular venue for
The Society

Project Hougoumont

 Heritage project to save Hougoumont Farm an integral part of the Waterloo Battlefield

Historical Romance UK

 A Blog for Lovers of Historical Romance
 (for the ladies!)


Waterloo 200

 Website for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 2015

Other Re-Enactment Links

Skirmish Magazine

The Living History Magazine



Phil Thomason Photography