Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

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Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

Post by Official Post » Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:38 pm

Under the auspices of Friends of Norman Cross, 95th Rifles Living History Society representing 1st Battalion 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot (1/95) and the French 62eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne will be at Norman Cross, Cambridgeshire, on Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 September, 2015, as part of the Heritage Open Days at the site of the Napoleonic French Prisoner of War depot.
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Re: Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

Post by Bob Picking » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:35 pm

Interesting pic worth comparing the block houses with a picture of a cottage built in Peterborough after the Site was closed and sold off, (can't remember where I saw it if I can find a copy I'll post it)
The guy putting food into the oven looks as if he is wearing elevated shoes a bit like Japanese footware I guess it was just a muddy field as the are no signs of footpaths etc so must have got a bit muddy in winter.
Which would have ment loosing anything that might have been dropped an interesting place to use a metal detector which I guess wouldn't be allowed if you look at the site on Google Earth its outline is clearly seen.

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Re: Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

Post by Andrew Deering » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:26 pm

Well spotted Bob, they are patterns. Early patterns were made of wood but changed to iron by this period. They strapped to your normal shoes. The guy next to him is wearing clogs (sabots).

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