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missing co.s of bns of 95th at Waterloo/Bn organization

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:00 pm
by JeffFig

I'm new to this forum, I was wondering if anyone knows where the missing companies of the 1/95 and 2/95 Rifles were during Waterloo? The order of battle lists both as having 6 companies present where were the other 4 for each? I've found the distribution of the 3/95 Rifles during June 1815 but not the others.

I had purchased the Osprey book on British Rifleman in the Napoleonic Wars hoping that it would include a section on the battalion organization but it didn't. Does anyone know the composition of the battalion staff and within each company, the number of officers, NCOs, CPLs, Buglers and riflemen - and anyone else I may have left out?

I presume that the battalions of the 95th did not carry colors into battle but they must have had them. Were these left in England, perhaps Shorncliffe?



Re: missing co.s of bns of 95th at Waterloo/Bn organization

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:50 pm
by Alan Earp
As a starter:
1/95th - Companies 3, 4, 6 and 7 were skeleton companies in England being recruiting cadres commanded by junior officers.
Battalion staff consisted of Lt.Col. Barnard, Major Cameron, Capt. Smith H, Lt Kincaid, Paymaster MacKenzie, Qtrmstr Bagshaw, Surgeon Burke, Asst Surgeons Robson & Hett.
Companies consisted of:
3 x Lt,
No 2 Coy had Paymr Sgt and Armr Sgt,
Some had a Sgt Major,
3 to 6 Sgt,
1 x C/Sgt,
5 to 7 Cpl,
1 or 2 Buglers
Up to 85 riflemen depending on NCO numbers.

2/95th - Companies 1 to 6 at Waterloo.
Battalion Staff = Lt Col. Norcott, Major Wilkins, Lts Smith T, Shaw & Hope (but he served with 3/95th), Paymaster McDonald, Qtrmstr Ross, Surgeon Scott and Asst Surgeons Armstrong, Scott & Poe.

3/95th - 5 companies in America, only 2 companies at Waterloo.
Battalion Staff = Major Ross, Capt Eeles C, & Gray, Lts Hope, Mcfarlane, Shenley, Vickers, Worsley, Milligan & Probart, Asst Surgeon McCabe.

No colours - full stop.

Re: missing co.s of bns of 95th at Waterloo/Bn organization

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:01 pm
by JeffFig
Thank you, I was browsing through Wellington's Military Machine and on p.43 it had the organization of a typical 95th Rifle company. It showed that the company had a formal two platoon organization each platoon with a LT, Bugler and two squads each under a SGT.

I take it the missing four companies of the 2/95th were also receiving recruits (as were 3 companies of 3/95th).

thanks again,