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A Living History Society

Our Society consists of people from all walks of life; male and female, young and old alike, coming together to share a passion for recreating a part of our military heritage.

1/95th Rifles Living History Society foundations were established in 1973 as an experimental group of riflemen re-enactors and developed into its present format in 1975. The Society has developed steadily into one of the finest and well-respected, Napoleonic re-enactment groups at home and abroad.

We enjoy and take pride in what we do, entertaining and enlightening members of the public to this period in history, through our shows and events. We are a family orientated unit with partners and children welcomed.

Between March and October, we take part in events such as battle re-enactments, training and drill, parades and proms.  We usually set up a period encampment consisting of period canvas tents, equipment, cooking methods and utensils that assist us in showing the way of life.

We are not limited to just one regiment and, indeed, one representative country. The Society is composed of 2 brother regiments that are an integral part of its structure; The British 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot and The French 62eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne.

A Soldier’s Life

I/95th Rifles Living History Society, as a re-enactment group, attempts to re-enact the every day lives of soldiers and camp followers during the Napoleonic wars.

Re-enacting the period from 1803 to 1816, that covers the whole Peninsular War, we recreate dramatic battles, skirmishes and training, including the famous battle at Waterloo which changed the course of European history for a 100 years.

Everything we re-enact and recreate is done as close as we can to historical accuracy. We roll our own cartridges, fill them with gunpowder, check our flints and clean our replica Baker rifles.  The only major difference is that we do not shoot with ball!

Period campsite

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